Catron Development, LLC

Team The Founders

Weston Catron

Growing up surrounded by technology, Weston Catron has become a passionate developer and entrepreneur. He has always been a creator. Blogs, films, music, puzzles, etc. he has a passion for creating things. Applying his skills in computer science he has created several iPhone Apps, websites, and software applications. He is currently attending Furman University intending to major in Computer Science. This year he is taking a leave of absence to persue Catron Development full-time.

Bryan Catron

The veteran of the team, Bryan Catron has been developing software for nearly 30 years. After obtaining his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and his Masters from University of Virginia he went on to work at several tech companies. In 1997 he moved into academia and is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Furman University.

Room for Growth

We're looking to grow. If you're interested contact us.