Catron Development, LLC

Portfolio Showcase of our Work


Salkehatchie Summer Service is a week long Methodist summer camp that fixes hundreds of homes around South Carolina each year with the help of teens and adults. Up until 2015 the entire registration process was completed on paper requiring lots of paper work for the administration and directors of camps to handle. Now in its second year My Salkehatchie has allowed thousands of campers to register and pay for camps. We have cut the amount of paper from six different paper forms to one form per camper.

Due to the unique but consistent structor of Salkehatchie we decided on a custom designed website specific to their needs. We developed four unique portals for different user types.


BandDEK is an online platform for musicians and bands to store, share, and play their digital sheet music. After taking this project through the Harbor Entrepreneurship Center's Accelerator Program we now have a launched site and hundreds of users.

The development of this app required the combination of different platforms and high level web technologies.

FIRST iPhone Companion

Best seller "Run Less, Run Faster" presents the FIRST iPhone Companion app. Created by the internationally recognized Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST), this app outlines comprehensive training programs for 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon runners.

From a development perspective this app took a concrete set of data and re-envision how it could be presented to the user. What use to be tables of times and distances became personalized schedules. We worked hard to create a extremely simple user interface that hundreds of people use every day.

FIRST Android Companion

After the success of the iPhone version of the FIRST Companion, we took the simple design and created a native Android App.

As our FIRST Android endeavor, this app's goal was to create as similar an experience to the iPhone as possible. The major changes came when we considered specific Android user expectations and we incorporated those while retaining the integrity of the design.